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You can search MyTradeZone for companies and products, and socially network with B2B companies.


  • Search products, services, and vendors from every industry.


  • Find local listings, such as products and companies located near a specific zip code.


  • Order and send requests for multiple products at once, which immediately sends notifications to all the vendors of those products.


  • List unlimited buying requests (requests to buy products or services) and receive offers from qualified vendors.


  • From your member dashboard page, you can check leads and messages from other companies who want to do business with you, and you can reply to them.


  • You get your own webpage, which showcases your company information and your buying requests.


  • Privately save, keep track of, and compare multiple groups of products and companies that you are interested in, and you can send your lists to others.


  • You can "follow" other companies (and other companies can "follow" you).


  • You can reliably buy and sell products with trustworthy companies around the world.  In addition to being verified by MyTradeZone as a legitimate business, members can rate one another and leave feedback. 


  • You have access to your own MyTradeZone consultant to help you succeed and make the most of the MyTradeZone network.


  • We also have a supportive team that is standing by to help you with any issue and answer your questions.


  • With the help of your feedback, we're constantly adding cool new features and improving MyTradeZone.



As soon as you register, you can find and track companies and products, start trading locally and globally, and get your business listed in MyTradeZone.

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