Selling Benefits:


You can post your products and services, promote your company, and get leads from businesses.


  • You will have your own webpage, which showcases your company information and your product catalog.


  • From your Dashboard, you can track leads and stay updated with the latest notifications.  From here, you can check requests to order your products or services, view messages sent from businesses who have contacted you, and reply to these messages.


  • Easily upload and organize your product catalog with detailed specifications and images.  You can upload up to 100,000 products.  You can do this two ways: you can easily upload products one by one via your Member Portal, or you can quickly batch upload your product database with an Excel spreadsheet.


  • To get your product photos up, you can easily upload images to your personal gallery.  If you want, you can also receive special FTP server access to quickly mass upload your product images.


  • All products that you post to MyTradeZone are automatically added to Google Base and updated every month, which improves your search engine placement.


  • Your company webpage will be indexed by Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  From your webpage, you can link to and drive traffic to your company's website, and to any other pages or social media accounts.  This improves your business's ranking on major search engines, further increasing your visibilty.


  • You can add other businesses to your network and save them into different networking groups.  This way, you can "follow" other companies (and other companies can "follow" you).


  • Search MyTradeZone to find leads posted from members who want to buy goods and services that you sell.


  • Find local listings, such as companies and leads posted from companies located within an X mile radius from a specific zip code.


  • Build a list of leads that you are interested in, and organize them into multiple groups.


  • You can send updates to notify your followers of specials going on, such as new products, sales, or closeouts.


  • Privately save, keep track of, and compare multiple groups of buying requests that you are interested in, with the ability to e-mail your lists to others.


  • You can reliably buy and sell products with trustworthy companies around the world.  In addition to being verified by MyTradeZone as a legitimate business, members can rate one another and leave feedback.


  • You have access to your own MyTradeZone consultant to help you succeed and make the most of the MyTradeZone network.


  • We also have a supportive team that is standing by, ready to help you with any issue and answer your questions.


  • With the help of your feedback, we're constantly adding cool new features and improving MyTradeZone.



As soon as you register, you can expand into a new sales channel and get your business and products listed in MyTradeZone, and generate leads with B2B social media

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