Agent Benefits


Help Your Clients Grow And Find Deals

  • As an independent agent or sales representative, you can use MyTradeZone to help a company get orders and increase revenues, while cutting their costs.
  • Its easy!  Just sign up and post the company's products and services, and get leads.
  • On your account, you can easily manage the products and listings of multiple companies.
  • After signing up, you can manage the company's page, which showcases the company portfolio and product catalog.



Research Listings For A Company

  • Search MyTradeZone to find products, services, leads, and companies.
  • Track the listings that you are interested in and save them to your records.
  • Build unlimited groups to save listings from your records, helping you easily work with different buyers and vendors.
  • Send the results of your research, saved in your lists, to others.



As soon as you register, you can start helping your clients grow and find deals with MyTradeZone's B2B social media and lead generation features.

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