Mission Statement

MyTradeZone's mission is to empower business-to-business trade.  Businesses make the world a better place to live in, by providing better products and better services that improve the quality of life.  We believe businesses have a noble purpose and we value the pursuit of happiness.

MyTradeZone is committed to facilitating the next generation of trade between businesses, helping companies network together, and empowering free enterprise.  We provide a free marketplace for helping businesses trade wholesale products and business services.  MyTradeZone pioneers the next generation of online trade by moving past a simple business directory and bringing social networking to trade, helping businesses form relationships and develop trust with trading partners.

We provide MyTradeZone free and we strive to build better technology to help facilitate trade and business-to-business networking around the world.


"People are the creators of prosperity. Without human ingenuity and innovation, we would still be living in caves and have a life expectancy of 25 years. More people--in an environment of freedom and free markets--means more prosperity."

-Steve Forbes, CEO of Forbes Media