Blendy Stop Shaking, Start Blending
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Basic Information
Company Name:
Baby Blendy
Contact Person:
Gary Freeman
8004 NW 154th St. Suite #130
Miami Lakes, FL US
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Contact Information
(844) 425-3639

Baby Blendy, based in Miami Lakes, Florida, is a manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of an anti-colic, portable baby bottle blender. Our unique, patented baby bottle works on USB rechargeable batteries and, at the push of a button, spins its mixer to rapidly and smoothly blend baby formula, milk, rice, cereals, and other foods. The smooth blend removes air bubbles from the baby food mixture and thereby prevents gas, colic, and other post-feeding discomforts that might arise if your baby ingested any air with the food. In addition, we have fitted the bottle with a natural bottle nipple that has been specially designed to allow up to five flow rates to adjust to your growing baby's feeding pattern. To learn more about our baby bottle blender, please visit &